Mad minute (practice)

Easy, but important ideas:

Learning Target: I can list the places on a graph of a function (and by looking at the equation)  where the derivative fails to exist.

Learning Target: I can explain what local linearity means

Then, more derivatives

Learning Target: I can see where the derivative of the sin(x) and cos(x) come using the trig identities sin(a+h) = sin(a)cos(h)+cos(a)sin(h) and cos(a+h) = cos(a)cos(h)-sin(a)sin(h) . Note: I won’t ask you to do this yourself. 


Warm up: AP style MC question

Learning Target: We will be able to work with derivatives of trig functions.

Make sure to glue in the cheat sheet I am giving you.

We’ll learn where the trig derivatives come from

HW: FDWK (Make use of the answer booklet I gave you

Sec 3.5 p 146 3–33 odd, 35, 37, 43

Skip 11, 13, 15, 17, 19

AP Style prep: 30, 36, 40–42

Wednesday/Thursday Updated 9/28

Work days for section 3.5.

key for Practice quiz Calculus Daily Quiz 4 Practice Key


Daily Quiz 4 on Derivatives of trig functions (Timed, 10 minutes) A sheet of notes allowed (dbl sided 8.5″ by 11″)

Learning target: We will be able to find derivatives of composite functions by applying the Chain Rule.

Note: This has nothing to do with case # 410 U.S. 113


Sec 3.6

p 153

3–69 multiples of 3, 50, 58, 62, 65 AP Style prep: 43–44

If you want some more explanation, watch the Mr Leckie video on the Chain Rule <link>


Get this work done. Tuesday day we will look at an old problem I always used to assign.

Get ready for Daily quiz 5 on Wednesday. It is all about the Chain Rule. Again, (Timed, 10 minutes) A sheet of notes allowed (dbl sided 8.5″ by 11″)


On Monday 10/3, I am not here (Black Mountain Hike with the 9th graders). There is no sub so you can sign out and take a long lunch or  sit in the Senior Lounge to get this completed, or do other work. Don’t horse around in the Senior Lounge.