Learning target: We will be able to find derivatives of composite functions by applying the Chain Rule.

Note: This has nothing to do with case # 410 U.S. 113


Sec 3.6

p 153

3–69 multiples of 3, 50, 58, 62, 65 Skip 15 AP Style prep: 43–44

If you want some more explanation, watch the Mr Leckie video on the Chain Rule <link>


Get this work done. Wednesday we will look at an old problem I always used to assign.

Get ready for Daily quiz 4 on Thursday. It is all about Trig Derivatives and the  Chain Rule. Again, (Timed, 20 minutes) A sheet of notes allowed (dbl sided 8.5? by 11?)


Daily Quiz 4 20 minutes since it covers two learning targets.

New Learning: Review from last year: I can evaluate inverse trig functions.


No HW, enjoy your long weekend