I am not here (Black Mountain Hike with the 9th graders). There is no sub so you can sign out early if you are free period 7, sit in the Senior Lounge to get last week’s work completed, or do other work.


Refresher on how to calculate a residual

Learning Target: I can create a residual plot

Learning target: I can decide h[on how usefull a LSRE is for prediction by examining an residual plot (keeping the percent of variation (r^2) in mind


Graded work:

Canvas>Week 7> Oxbow Fall 2022 Utility of LSRE practice due by Thursday end of the day

A two part quiz on the last week and this week’s work. Due my the end of the Day Wednesday 10/12


Work days.

New material (We start probability) on Tuesday

No school for you Friday/Monday