Monday: No School

The rest of the week

Learning Target: I can find empirical and theoretical probabilities.

We’ll watch this <link>

We’ll collect some data and find probabilities

Once we are done with the data collection, Submit your results <link>

Outside of class work:

Finish Week 7/8 MOM Oxbow Correlation and Regression + quiz (due Thursday 10/13, turn in your work by the start of class on Friday 10/14)

I need you to watch these videos. You should take notes on  pages 50-63 of the packet I gave you. Scott Stevens is a professor from Champlain College, the author of the textbook I am using with you this year.


This will enhance what we are doing in class this week.

Complete, on paper the starred exercises on p 64-70. Here are the answers Chapt 4 Answers ThinkDo Oxbow Fall 2020

Graded work

In the Canvas>Modules>Week 8> discussion forum, post your work and answer(s) to one of the unstarred exercises on pages 64-70. This is a completion grade. Challenge yourself. (20 points due by Monday 10/17)

Complete the MOM ThinkDO Chapter 4 exercises Due Monday (10/17) night @ Midnight.