Monday No School


Kahoots review to prep for Daily Quiz tomorrow Trig Derivatives and the Chain Rule

You may create a sheet of notes to use. You cannot use your notebook.


I am going to spot check the Exercises from Sec 3.5 and 3.6. Don’t forget them. You’ll get a zero on that HW if you do.

Wednesday Updated 10/13

Daily Quiz 4 – 15 minutes


Note: I am hiking with NEL.

Learning Target: I can use and apply implicit differentiation.
Watch Mr Lecke’s video <link> about implicit differentiation.



Sec 3.7 p 162 3–48 multiples of 3, 54, 58 45–46, 48–50, 56


Work Days

Next Week:

Tuesday: Daily Quiz 5 on implicit differentiation (15 minutes)

we are skipping Section 3.8 and jumping to Sec 3.9 and try to wrap up this chapter with a test on Monday 10/24 or Tuesday 10/25.