Some strange examples that we need to look at around finding extreme values using the first derivative (on that HO from Friday


p 202 ex 19, 22

p 203 ex 23-28

Out at MathXLforSchool, you’ll see Daily quiz 8. It is timed, with two attempts and you need to get me your work. Due 11/16. If Internet Access in Spain is a problem, have Ms McKelvey reach out to me.


Getting this exercise work completed by the end of class.

Wednesday: I won’t see you

Thursday, you’ll probably be distracted, but if you can, get the Daily Quiz 8 done.

Friday: No school


I have the two assignments that need to be completed by January 2nd, 2023 available out at MathXLforSchool. Honestly they are missing a couple of crucial exercises that the textbook has available. You’ll want to do those exercises as well. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll post them here.