I’m not in school today
Make sure that you have the MathXLfor school Sec 4.4 completed.

If you are stuck with that, go watch Stu Swartz L’Hopital Rule video in Canvas and either work on the HO or go work on that MathXlfor school assignment.

I’m behind on grading. I’ll be caught up by Friday.

These two assignments are all we need to complete this week.


Work days

If you are behind travelers, get some help outside of class during the next couple of weeks. (not during statistics). As I said, you do not have to have Sec 4.4 and L’Hopital’s Rule completed until 1/2. I’ll have it missing in IC though after this week.

On Monday 12/5, when the travelers should be back in school, though even if they are not, we’ll start Sec 4.3 about using the second derivative to find max/mins and using derivatives to sketch functions. A couple of assignments and then we’ll do a Daily Quiz on Friday on that section.

On Monday 12/12 we’ll start and complete Related Rates Sec 4.6. Probably no daily quiz that week. We’ll do some assignments when we return on January 2nd. Mid year exam during the week of 1/9. I’m hoping we get a couple of days blocked out for exams. If not I’ll spread it out over two days.