I’m not here today.

Get any work that you owe me from the last couple of weeks finished


Learning Target: I can apply sampling distributions to estimate an unknown population proportion. Capture/Recapture

In class activity/data collection



Cookbook Confidence Intervals for estimating Population proportions.

Finding a sample size to fit a specified margin of error.

Parts and pieces of a confidence interval

Writing a confidence statement.

Some paper based exercises. These are a must do if you want to pass a test on this material.

Your choice of ether a Moodle>MOM exercise set or a MathXL Exercise set. I’ll get you set up with MathXL today.


This work


In class:

Your choice: MathXL Confidence Intervals for proportions or Moodle: MOM MathXL Confidence Intervals for proportions

Do both if you want the double grade.

Let me know which you complete.


Complete any work that you do not have finished.

We will have a work day on Monday 12/5 if you need it.