Each day this week we will spend part of class doing some targeted review exercises.

Then, if you want bonus points on the exam, do these exercises.

Calculus Exam Review:

Chapter 4 Review assignment+ Standardized Test Questions from Chapter 4 Sections 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6

Review your work from Chapters 2 -3

Topics that will be on the exam:

Evaluating Limits in indeterminate form (L’Hopital’s Rule)

Recognizing when a limit expression is a definition of a derivative and being able to evaluate it by using a derivative rule

Analyzing a graph of a derivative to find direction of movement, stopped, max/mins, second derivative, inflection points.

Using implicit differentiation to evaluate a derivative at a point.

Use the first derivative and second derivative tests to find critical values

Work with related rates

Work with average rates of change and instantaneous rates of change

Use the mean value theorem

Find derivatives of trig/log/exponential functions

We will decide by the end of the week what days you want to complete the exam. We can spread it out over 2 or three days since we are not being given an exam period to complete this work.