Monday No school for you

Tuesday Exams p 3, 4 and 6


Learning Target: We will be able to estimate the area under a curve using geometry and three different Rectangle Area Approximations and Trapezoidal Approximations.


For tomorrow

p 270 ex, 1, 2

By hand ex:  5 and 6

Use RSUM for #7

Make sure to answer # 8

Long term HW: Problem Set 1 is due at the start of class on Wednesday 1/25



Learning Target: I can estimate volumes using RAM and quantities from tables.


p 272 #24 #28

Do the table on the back of yesterday’s HO

Working on the PS 1


Learning Targets: I can rewrite Reimann Sums as a Definite Integral


Getting problem set 1 finished.

Monday we’ll do a review/practice and Tuesday a timed quiz (20 minutes)

Rectangle Area Approximation/Area from geometry and from a graph (Not calculator active)/Rewriting a definite integral from a Reimann Sum