Updated 1/25


Snow Day


In Class:

Finishing up the MathXLForSchool assignment.

Complete the practice quiz if you desire. Question 4 could very well be a trapezoid, not a triangle so be prepared Here is my Practice Daily Quiz Key


Prepare for the daily quiz

Completed Problem Set 1 if you do not have it completed yet.


PS 1 is due at the start of class. I need to deduct 10 points (out of 50) for a late submission. After the Thursday @ 7:55, I can only award 25/50 as I will have graded work handed back.

In class:


After this: Any questions about the problem set?


PS 2 due 2-1


Daily Quiz 10. Timed at 20 minutes.

To prepare for tomorrow, watch this video about integral rules. <Youtube Video Link> You grabbed the paper for the notes? Notes page for 5-3 video

If we have time in class, I can do it live with you.


Learning target: I can apply integral rules.

Learning Target: I can find the average value of a function and explain the difference between this and the average rate of change of a function.

p 290 1, 3, 4, 6,8, 11`, 14, 15, 18.

PS 2 due Wednesday 2/1

Next Week


Do you want a quiz on this material alone?

It will be a calculator active quiz.

It will happen on Monday if so.


Finish up the book work

PS 2