Work days as I wrote in the email.

If you are finished with the new material from last week, I have a Canvas>Modules>Week21>Quiz on one mean tests (includes a bit of confidence interval work like the last one did.)


Learning target: I can explain the consequences of making a type 1 error and a type 2 error in the context of a sig test’s claim.


Graded work: See Canvas>Modules>Week 21 ending 1/31>Week 21 DF Type 1 and Type 2 errors¬† Note, you’ll want to have completed the week 20 DF post


This discussion forum post and the Week 21 quiz


Learning Target: I know what to do if a set of data does not meet the conditions for testing (quantitative data). We run a signs test on the median.

Practice HO

Choose a exercise in the Week 21 Non-Parametric Signs Test post and runs a signs test on it. Include all of the required pieces.


Week 21 Quiz

Week 21 DF Type 1 and Type 2 errors

Week 21 Non-Parametric Signs Test



Review and prep for an exam on Confidence Intervals, one sample significance testing and the signs test.

For next Monday/Tuesday I’ll have a canvas exam available for you to complete. That will not be due until Wednesday 2/8 but we are starting new material on Wednesday 2/1 (two sample testing and confidence intervals) with work that will also be due 2/8. We only will have 30 minutes on Wednesday (2/1) so it will be a quick intro of one new test.