Monday (2/6)


If you desire, for bonus point on Chapter 5 test, complete

Standardized Test questions in sections 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 + the red exercises in the Chapter REVIEW (20 points on test, up to full credit)

You can / should also attempt



Make yourself a sheet of notes (double sided)

PS 2 is due tomorrow. Same day as the exam so plan ahead. Procrastination is death.

old chapter 5 key


PS 3 is due

Test chapter 5

PS 4 is due Wednesday 2/15


Learning Target: I can draw a slope field

HO for practice


Learning Target: I can evaluate a indefinite Integral

Week 22


Monday (1/30)

Working on Average Value of a function and integral properties

Tuesday (1/31)

FTC Part 2


PS 2 is due

Time to work on FTC part 2

PS 3 out due Wednesday 2/8

Thursday (2/2)

Finishing up FTC part 2 practice

Friday (2/3)

FTC part 1 derivative of an integral

Don’t forget to work on PS 3