Most days you can ask me about getting some help during lunch. Other than Monday, most any day after school I can help with math.

For some high tech help, I work as an eTutor for CCV. I have online help sessions at

During the Spring semester I’m working every  Monday,  Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7-9:30. Often there is a crowd so I’ll have to hold it to 20-25 minutes so have your questions ready. You don’t want to use this link at other times as I won’t be there. This will run until May 11th. make sure to send me an email so I know to expect you

You can enter as a guest by using your name, first name only.

If you have a microphone, we can converse as I help you. There is a whiteboard for math. We can even share screens to look at online HW

You may want to test your computer system to make sure it works with Adobe Connect by visiting this test page <link>

This is service that CCV provides its students. Often no one shows, so I’d rather be helping you than just twiddling my thumbs. If there is a line of people getting help, wait until your turn and if people are waiting behind you, I have to limit the help session to 20 minutes.

This is not a private chatroom. Other students (college students) may be in the room and able to see and hear what is said. If you would rather have a private help session, you can book one here <link>

NOTE: CCV students should access eTutoring through the VSC Portal>Student Resources




Another source for help solving a question you just can’t figure out is Open Study <link> You can ask questions and usually get a response right away. BTW: My username there is TranscendentalPI

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