Statistics Ending 8/31


No School for You!


In Class:

  • What is Statistics? <link>
  • How will taking this course help you?
  • First Data Collection Activity <link>


  • Sign your Course Expectations


In Class:

15 minutes

  • Learning Target: We will be able to identify a variable and classify it as a quantitative variable and as a categorical variable.
  • HO: Due Tuesday @ the start of class.

The rest of class:

  • Learning Target: We will be able to use a spreadsheet to make some graphs for different kinds of data.
  • Working with Google Sheets and our data <link> from yesterday.

Graded Work: You will choose  one variable from the data and create a graph to display some aspect of the the data. I’ll show you how to turn this in tomorrow.


See Wednesday



In Class:

Learning Targets:

  • We will be able to make a post in a Moodle Forum including how to display an image.
  • We will be able to analyze a report by identifying the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why of it all

Creating a Moodle account <link>

Make a Moodle forum post and using  to get an image online.

Completing the 5 – W’s assignment


This work if you are not finished. Due by the end of the day Wednesday (9/5 @ 2:30)

See Wednesday