Week 4 ending 2/11

Monday (one last day to finish this) Complete the find an Apartment Slide show. Grab a Share link and turn it in via Canvas. Make sure to pay attention to the grading checklist (See the assignment in Canvas>Modules>Week 4 ending 2/11 Tuesday/Wednesday Skill Packet time (15 minutes) each day. Skill Packet 1 is due by […]

Week 3 ending 2/4

Monday Learning Target: I can find an apartment to live in. We’ll do some brainstorming together Graded work: The Find an apartment in Canvas Week 3. You’ll have through Wednesday to complete this assignment. If you have missed class last week. I am available for help during second lunch (my TA) or after school  2:30 […]

Week 2 ending 1/28

Monday We will keep learning how to calculate take home pay by working on a couple more examples. Graded work: After today, you should be able to create your own pay check/ take home pay problem. I’ll get you started at the end of class. Tuesday Finish creating your pay check quiz problem and answer […]

Personal Finance Week 1 ending 1/21

Monday No school for you Tuesday In Class: Learning target: I can identify something I  “want” is vs something I “need” We will watch this:   Graded work:  Making a submission of each on this Jam Board. You need to add your name next to your submission to earn credit. <link> An exit ticket to […]