Week 11 ending 11/4 (Start of Qtr 2)

Monday: Learning target: I can identify a function from a graph, table, list of ordered pairs or a mapping diagram Function Auction HW If you never completed the paperslide video, it can still be turned in (Google Classroom) until the end of the day Thursday 11/10. After that, it is entered as 0. Tuesday:  Learning […]

Week 10 ending 10/24

Monday Learning target: I can solve inequalities and graph the solution on a number line 10 exercises on HO or all 20 for 3 HW grades. Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Assessment: Paper slide video presentation of your ability to “..solve inequalities and graph the solution on a number line” See Google Classroom. I have my slides on the […]

Week 8 ending 10/14

Monday No School Tuesday Learning Target: I can solve equations with like terms or distribution. Notebook work Graded No HW Wednesday Some practice some more practice Solving equations with like terms or distribution Graded Hand out Thursday Updated 10/13 I am hiking with NEL. Maybe you’ll have a substitute teacher? Yesterday’s work finished?  If not get […]

Week 7 ending 10/6

Monday: No class Tuesday/Wednesday Prep for quiz Thursday Quiz on solving the kids of equations we have been looking at When we are finished, we’ll continue looking at investing in the Stock market What is a mutual fund or an index fund? Here are some mutual funds to buy <link> Here are some index funds […]

Week 6 ending 9/30

I need to check you for some prerequisite skills Monday Solving one and two step equations Bingo This should be review from last year Let’s see what you can do If you do not have the Take Home pay activity from Thursday/Friday completed, that is your HW Tuesday Based what I saw yesterday: Learning Target: […]

Week 5 ending 9/23

Monday: Another day of test prep. You’ll may want to use Descriptive Statistics <link> Boxplots and five number summaries <link> Histograms/frequency tables and the mean <link> Tuesday Test on describing distributions. You may use any of the 4 practice tests we have completed and your notebook on this test. No HW Wednesday

Week 4 ending 9/16

Monday Learning target: I can use a spreadsheet to sort data and to find the mean and the median of a data set. We’ll use that same Starbucks Spreadsheet. You should be able to find it in your Google Drive or you can just grab another copy <link>. You can find this in Google classroom […]

Week 3 ending 9/9

Monday No School Tuesday Learning Target: I can find the five-number summary and draw a boxplot, by hand for data. In class work. No HW Wednesday Same learning target as yesterday Create a glossary to use for the year. Graded work: HO Due at end of class No HW if you are finished.   Thursday […]

Week 2 ending 9/2

Monday Join Google Classroom Learning Target:  I can explain the difference between a statistical question, a non-statistical question and a Survey question. Graded Work: Collected responses from survey questions HW Get Course Expectations sheet signed. Due Tuesday 9/6 Tuesday Learning Targets I can explain the difference between a statistical question, a non-statistical question and a […]

Summer Time and the Living is easy

Go outside and swim. If you are bored, go check this out . If you are really bored but feel creative, make your own Dickie Goodman style news report and share it back with me.