Week 11 ending 11/4 (Start of Qtr 2)

Monday: Learning Target: I can find the slope of a skew AKA oblique line, a vertical line and a horizontal line Tuesday: Learning Target: I can write the equation of a line in slope intercept form. I can graph a line given in Slope Intercept form I can graph a piece-wise defined function. I don’t […]

Week 10 ending 10/29 (end of Qtr1)

Monday Pretest Bingo game. What do we need to work on? No HW Tuesday Learning target: I can identify a function from a graph, table, list of ordered pairs or a mapping diagram Function Auction Wednesday Some notes on yesterday’s learning target Get registered out at MyOpenMath <link> (You’ll need this Course ID 164773 Complete […]

Week 9 ending 10-21

Monday-Wednesday  Learning Target: I can apply angle concepts using algebra My work to the handouts Lemays key HO Thursday NEL hike Friday  

Week 8 ending 10/14

Monday No School Tuesday Prep for quiz on finding the nth term I have a Kahoots to practice with today Wednesday Quiz on finding the nth term The questions will be in order and most will come from the exercises you created. Five questions long with a bonus. If time warrants, we’ll review angle properties […]

Week 7 ending 10/6

Monday: no class Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Quiz prep. Here is a practice quiz. Practice Quiz 10_6 Tuesday10/11, more practice + an optional set of additional questions if you need the challenge. Wednesday : Quiz on finding the nth term.    

Week 6 ending 9/30

Monday Warm up from last week Learning Target: I can find the nth term for triangular numbers HO If you want some ungraded practice <link> Tuesday (Updated after class 9/26) More practice with triangular numbers Wednesday Sara Vargo from VSAC is meeting with us to run a simulation (Personal Finance related) You’ll need this <link> […]

Week 4 ending 9/16

Monday Some more constructions Angle Bisector How about trisecting an angle? <link> Altitude of a triangle Tuesday/Wednesday Learning Target: I can construct these “points of concurrency” an orthocenter, a centroid, circumcenter and a the incenter of a triangle Graded: Due for Friday A printed geogebra sketches or paper with one of each of these constructions. […]

Week 3 ending 9/9

Monday No School Tuesday Learning Targets: I can construct a perpendicular bisector. I understand what is special about the set of points equidistant from two given points We will work through the Activities p 19-21 in the Student Workbook. Wednesday Learning target: I can identify equilateral triangles in the constructions that lead to a regular […]

Week 2 ending 9/2

Monday Compass and straight edge constructions of Circles, concurrent line segments, Midpoint of a line segment, Copying a regular hexagon NO HW Tuesday Same constructions with tech: https://www.geogebra.org/m/VQ57WNyR Graded Work: Using Geogebra, perform the constructions on p 7 and 9 Student WKBK. Capture the images, insert into a GDoc, Use this Naming Convention First Last […]

Summer Time and the Living is easy

Go outside and swim. If you are bored, go check this out . If you are really bored but feel creative, make your own Dickie Goodman style news report and share it back with me.