Week 10 ending 10/28 (end of Qtr 1)

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Assessment: Paper slide video presentation of your ability to “..solve inequalities and graph the solution on a number line” See Google Classroom. I have my slides on the whiteboard. Assessment: Notebook grade on A.REI.3 Both due by Wednesday PM Thursday Learning Target: I can identify a function and describe its domain and range New […]

Week 9 ending 10-21

Monday Review for quiz Quiz on solving equations with variables on both sides. Tuesday Learning Target: I can work with Literal Equations Notes/practice Wednesday Same learning target as yesterday.    

Week 8 ending 10/14

Monday No School Tuesday In Class: Learning Target: I can solve equations with variables on both sides. Notebook work A few practice problems on paper Wednesday Same learning target as yesterday Graded work A little review/practice (formative) Thursday Updated 10/13 A handout and completing yesterday’s work. If you need help finishing the 6 equations you […]

Week 7 ending 10/6

Monday: No class Tuesday/Wednesday Prep for quiz Thursday Quiz on solving the kids of equations we have been looking at When we are finished, we’ll continue looking at investing in the Stock market What is a mutual fund or an index fund? Here are some mutual funds to buy <link> Here are some index funds […]

Week 6 ending 9/30

Monday We need to finish our Take Home pay calculations. Graded: Create your own Take Home pay calculation scenario and solve it. It must contain overtime hours (Less than 80 hours total) Tuesday Bell Ringer Activity Learning Target: I can solve equations with like terms or distribution. Notebook work Graded No HW Wednesday Sara Vargo […]

Week 4 Period 7 ending 9/16

Tuesday STAD points explained. Learning Target: I can simplify numeric expressions using the Order of Operations Setting up Our Notebooks/Notes Graded Practice (Included in your Habits of Learning Grade assessments) NO HW Wednesday Warm-up Check (Use your Notebooks and work from yesterday) Learning target: I can solve one step equations. Notebook work No HW Thursday […]