Some practice. Let’s choose some data sets. <link> You’ll need to make a copy.

Make a graph

Decide on the shape

Find the five number summary/IQR and the mean/std dev.

Decide on which is the most appropriate measure of center and spread.


Some graded  Review and Practice out at KA <link>


Tuesday: Town Meeting Day: No School


Learning Target: I can use the +/- 2 std dev outlier test and I know how to use the 1.5IQR outlier test and I know when to use which test.

Some practice and a notes sheet.

Some online practice finding outliers.


Learning target: I can identify convenience samples, voluntary response samples, random samples, stratified random samples and cluster samples.

We’ll watch this

Census and Sampling

And maybe this one:

Sample and Surveys

then get some practice.


Fourteen (14) days remain in the marking period.