Work day to finish section 6.1 work Paper/MOM or both


Have you tried both attempts on the Canvas>Modules>Chapter 5 End Test Part 1?

Any redo work for the paper test?

I am tied up in a meeting this PM


In Class:

Learning Target: We will be able to write equations for graphs for transformed tangent,cotangent,secant and co-secant functions

Notes and then

If you are not in school or would rather watch the video notes (Do this before class)


Any missing/Reattempt work.


Section 6.2 notes or MOM or both.


Any missing/Reattempt work.

There is a Two part quiz. One part is a set of MOM questions + a quiz with show your work questions covering Sections 6.1 and 6.2 + a problem set graph question. This is due by Tuesday 3/17. Luck of the Irish maybe?


Review Activity


The Canvas : Sec 6.1/6.2 quiz.



If you miss class, Watch this video (The first 16 minutes. Stop when I start talking about derivatives. That is next year) and complete the next set of notes in the Notes packet.


HW: Section 6.1 and Sec 6.2 quiz in Canvas.