In Class:



In Class

Learning Target: I can decide if a variable is

  1. a Qualitative (categorical) variable that is “nominal” (a name or identifier)
  2. a Qualitative (categorical) that is “ordinal” (can be counted).
  3. a Quantitative,  Discrete  variable (numbers, but a limited set)
  4. a Quantitative,  Continuous  variable (infinite, or practically so)

First Data Collection Activity <link>


We’ll complete a practice paper based activity.

Getting you signed into Canvas and joining the course

Graded Practice: In Canvas>Modules>Week 1 complete the 3 question Types of Variables Assignment. Due by Tuesday 9/8. You’ll have some more time in class this week to complete it if you need that time.



In Class

Questions / Help with yesterday’s Learning Target.

Today’s work as an assessment of

Learning Target: I can identify a variable and classify it as a quantitative variable and as a categorical variable.

To help me assess your understanding of types of variables,  I need you to create some data. For this week, I want you to create a spreadsheet (a google sheet is my preferred file format, but excel is fine also) In your spreadsheet, create the following data. You can make this up off the top of your head, find lists online, collect data from individuals.

You need:

30 individuals or subjects. Why a sample of size of 30? Hold that thought…….

The data you need is

  1. a Qualitative (categorical) variable that is a  group identity .
  2. a Qualitative (categorical) that can be counted.
  3. a Quantitative,  Discrete variable
  4. a Quantitative,  Continuous variable

Share your google sheet here in the discussion forum, by clicking on the Share link and make it available for anyone on the web to view. I can help you to do this if you need the help.

Here is my google sheet example <link (Links to an external site.)>


Work Days to get

Canvas>Week 1> MOM Types of Variables

Canvas>Week 1>Your collected data spreadsheet

If you get this all completed and need something to do, let me know.