Learning target: I can display qualitative/categorical variables using a pie chart and a bar graph.

Graded work

In Canvas two discussion forum posts with screen shots of your graphs.

make sure to finish last week’s work if you are not done.

After 2:30, the Collected Data Spreadsheet assignment is going to be marked as missing in IC

You also need to complete the Canvas>Week 1> MOM Types of variables assignment. That will be marked missing after Wednesday @ 2;30


Learning Targets: Graphing quantitative variables:



Handouts (in Canvas> Modules>Week 2

Graded Work

Post a photo of the dotplot of a quantitative discrete variable from your data.

Post a screen shot of:

Frequency table and histogram of the Super Bowl Data. Identify the shape (Left Skewed/Right skewed/Symmetric)

Frequency table and histogram of one of your Quantitative continuous variables. Identify the shape (Left Skewed/Right skewed/Symmetric)


Anything missing check IC if you need a reminder.


Catch up day + a new learning target: I can find percentages of numbers (This should be review)

Get any missing work completed and if you are finished, complete the Canvas>Modules>Week 2>MOM finding percentages of numbers


Anything Missing. Check IC for empty grades and  Missing grades


In Class:

Learning Target: I can find a five number summary and use the IQR to check for outliers (unusual values) .

We’ll look at some examples

Then continue this  on Monday.

If you think you are ready, See the Canvas>Modules>Week 2 MOM Finding a five number summary and Checking for Outliers