Learning target:  I can recognize/describe and calculate measures of center: Mean Median and Mode and use these values to identify the shape of the distribution.

Stats-Lite Data Collection Project 1

Here is an example about what I am asking you to do <link >

Turn it in  Canvas

This needs to be completed by Monday Oct 4th. Complete this work by Friday 10/1, I’ll add on 10 points.

If you need help with this, come see me during TA. You’ll need a pass. I am also available after school, but you’ll have to make an appointment as I have online students that also access me starting at 2:30 Use this link, which is also found in Canvas or at here @

If we do not need Tuesday as a workday, we will jump into tomorrow’s work


In class

We’ll watch this video:

and then get some practice with Guessing a correlation coefficient <link> Play 10 rounds for 40 games and screen capture the end result.

Upload the result in Canvas. You won’t be posting your results publicly.


Data Project #1 if you are not finished.


In Class:

Correlation Stations (Data Collection) Spreadsheet for data <link>

Learning Target: I can match a scatterplot between two variables that have a strong linear association


Data Project #1 if you are not finished.


Learning Target: Correlation does NOT imply causation

Go read this page <link > if you desire.

Graded Work

Data Project #1 if you are not finished.

If you understand what this is saying, then you are well on your way to being a wise consumer of Statistics