In Class

Learning Targets:

I can explain why Correlation does not imply Causation

I can discuss Lurking Variables: Confounding:Common Response situations + the Diagrams

Finishing up your Spurious Correlation posts in Canvas


In Class

Learning Target: 

We’ll do some exploration with this data <link> and this web page <link>

Exit ticket


In Class:

Same learning targets

More learning about yesterday’s Targets <link>

Now that you have some background, let’s see an application: <link>

Learning Target: I can describe what the slope and y-intercept of the LSRE means in the context of the situation.

Learning Target: I can find r2 and describe what it means in the context.

We’ll look at some of those situations in the spreadsheet



Learning Targets:

I can

Here is the assessment:

Regression Analysis:

Part 1

Choose two quantitative variables that you think may be associated. You can collect some data yourself or find lists on the Internet.

Before you conduct any analysis, What association ( Shape, Strength, Direction) do you expect to see between the two variables? Which variable is the explanatory variable and which variable is the response variable?

Part 2

I’ll be looking to see if the following is present and correct.

You can attach a publicly share link to a google doc/sheet.

If you are going to collect some data, this long weekend would be a good time to do it.