Learning Target: I can calculate and apply aspects of correlation and regression

Finish  Canvas>Modules>Week 8>MOM Oxbow Correlation/Regression. Try them all, get at least a 70% and I’ll write in full credit in IC

Once you are finished, here is the Summary Assessment for this Unit:


Then here is the last big grade in this marking period. I’ll allow some time next week also to complete this project.

Here is the assessment:

Regression Analysis:

Part 1

Choose two quantitative variables that you think may be associated. You can collect some data yourself or find lists on the Internet.

Before you conduct any analysis, What association ( Shape, Strength, Direction) do you expect to see between the two variables? Which variable is the explanatory variable and which variable is the response variable?

Part 2

I’ll be looking to see if the following is present and correct.

  • Table of Your two quantitative variables.
  • Well labeled scatterplot (Axes with units)
  • Correlation coefficient (r)
  • Coefficient of Determination (r2 ) expressed either as a proportion/percentage and you explain what it means in the context of this situation.
  • Least Square Regression Equation for predicting your Response Variable from your Explanatory Variable.
  • An analysis of your results. You must relate your results back to part 1. This must include a discussion about r and r2
  • You use your model to make a prediction for two values that are not part of the original data. One of these values must be an example of extrapolation. Identify this prediction.
  • Discuss what the slope and y-intercept of your model means in the context of the situation.
  • You suggest possible sources of confounding influences.

You can attach a publicly share link to a google doc/sheet.

If you are going to collect some data, talk to me about due dates.


Learning Target: I can find empirical and theoretical probabilities.

We’ll watch this <link>

We’ll collect some data and find probabilities

Once we are done with the data collection, Submit your results <link>