In Class:

Learning target: I can find empirical probabilities

We’ll complete some notes and look at some examples. Yeah, I am going to have you take some notes.

If you are absent, I made this video spring when everyone was remote. <link>

Here is a PDF of what I am going to go over in the video.

Week 9 I can find empirical probabilities-1.pdf 


Same Learning Target:

Graded work: We will complete the Canvas>Week 9> MOM assignment together. We each have different values but I can show you how.


Learning Target: I can recognize the difference between a Random Sample and a Voluntary Response Sample

We will watch these two videos

Census and Samples <link>

Samples and Surveys <link >

Graded Work

On the web, find a voluntary response sample and submit the link in the Canvas>Modules>Week 9 discussion below. Write a sentence about who you think the intended population is. Due by the end of class (2:30) Friday 10/29.