Learning Target: I can identify a binomial experiment.

Learning Target: I can use an online Binomial Probability Distribution calculator to find probabilities associated with the binomial distribution.

I also have these calculators linked in in Canvas>Modules>Online Calculators

Binomial Probability Calculator <link >

Binomial Probability Histogram Applet <link >

Graded Work: Canvas>Modules> Week 11 ending 11/11> Discrete Probability Distribution Practice

HW: For Thursday:

Collect the Data Measure the length of your pinky finger (in centimeters).

  1. Randomly survey 5 adults (age 16 +) for their pinky finger lengths. Round the lengths to the nearest 0.5 cm. I gave you a copy of a centimeter ruler) You cannot use people in this class, besides yourself. Enter the data here for a grade by class time Thursday

Tuesday – Wednesday

Workdays to get this completed


Learning Target: I can recognize and describe (Center and spread) of a Normal Distribution

In class activity

No school on Friday