Monday 1/3

Choose a game of chance that you do not know how to play, but that you are interested in learning how to play. Let me repeat: This is something you want to learn about, not something you already know.

In Canvas>Modules>Week 17/18 end of course

You’ll see a Casino Games discussion forum

Click on the reply button

Tell us what game you are investigating. If you are working with someone else, tell us who that person is.

Tuesday 1/4 – Friday 1/7

Spend the classes doing your research. Get familiar with playing your chosen game. If you find a web site is blocked, Request access and include as the teacher. I’ll make sure it passes as an safe web site and ask the administration to open up access.

You are learning the game well enough to teach us how to play it. This will be worth 80 points/ 100 points. In order to earn the full 100 points, you will have to research the probabilities associated with your game and put that into a shared Google document (Shared with me) These can be experimental or theoretical probabilities. If you need some help with this, let me know.

Week 2

Monday 1/10 and Tuesday 1/11

Put the finishing touches on your presentation and be ready to show us your game.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday ending 1/14

We’ll take turns instructing the rest of the class how to play your chosen game. This where you earn the 80 points.