Skill Packet time 15 minutes each day

Finishing the Living and Budgeting with Roommates. An in class activity.

See Canvas Week 4



Skill Packet time (15 minutes)

Finding a Bank to Grow with

Two warm up questions : <link >

What’s the Difference Between Checking and Savings? Kal Penn Explains

You may be tempted to think you’re all set once you have a checking account, but it’s important to have a savings account, too. Watch this video and then write at least three ways savings accounts differ from checking accounts.

Graded Work: Types of Savings Accounts

In class exploration Turn it in on Paper at the end of the class today


Skill Packet time (15 minutes)

Finishing up the Exploring types of Savings accounts activity.

Learning Target: I can work with simple Interest calculations.


No HW, enjoy your break