Monday/Tuesday no school


Skill packet 1 is due today by 9 am. I am turning back graded work so after today, the best you can earn is a 50% completion grade. You’ll be wise to turn in whatever you have done.

If you are finished with Skill Packet 1, I have Skill Packet 2 (Due Friday 3/25 end of qtr 3)

Learning Target: I can work with simple Interest calculations.


In Canvas>Modules>Week 6, you’ll see a Simple Interest quiz. Get it completed by Friday 3/11. Turn in work for partial credit if the quiz marks your answer wrong. I’ll expect to see work like this:


Skill packet time (15 minutes)

Finishing up the Simple Interest Calculations + quiz in Canvas

If time allows

Learning target: We will understand and be able to calculate using a formula and an app how making regular deposits into an account takes advantage of Compound Interest.

HO Walkthrough You may want to look at this spreadsheet


Skill packet time (15 minutes)

HO compound-interest

Then using this applet <link>


Any missing work?

Canvas Quiz on Simple Interest

Read this short article <link> about Investing and Growing Wealth.