In Class

Learning target: We will understand and be able to calculate using a formula and an app how making regular deposits into an account takes advantage of Compound Interest.

HO compound-interest

Then using this applet <link>


Any missing work?

Canvas Quiz on Simple Interest if you have not taken it yet.


Review of Compound Interest

Practice Quiz

I’ll point the Canvas>Compound Interest quiz out to you. Get it completed before next Monday 3/14

If time allows:

Learning Target: I can explain the difference between Investing, Saving and Speculating



Finish investing your $100K

You need to have shares in a mutual fund and invest in the stock of at least 4 other companies.

You can have time to complete the Simple Interest Quiz and the Compound Interest quiz if you do not have them completed.


In Class:

Working with checks

Learning Target: I can write a checkout properly and I know how to endorse a check (Blank Endorsement, Restrictive Endorsement, Endorsement in Full)

Then we will complete this activity <link>


We’ll finish the Beware of Bank Fees activity