In Class Learning Target: I understand what a Credit Report shows and what a FICO score does for us as borrowers.

What does a Credit Report Show?

We will look at one of my credit reports from this Spring

and then a video about Credit Scores:


Graded work for Wednesday (the day I am not here this week) : Work with no more than 2 other people to complete this research around credit scores <link> Due by Wednesday 3/30

Learning Target: I can calculate payments, total interest paid and calculate the cost of two of the three type of loans: Student Loans, Automobile Loans, Home Mortgage.

Here is the <link> to the loan payment calculator


I’m not in school

Complete the Loan Payments HO from yesterday

Complete INTERACTIVE: FICO Credit Scores from Monday. Get the share link and turn it in via Canvas>Modules>Week 9>FICO Scores



In Class

Learning target: I can show how making extra payments on a loan affects the total interest I pay out.

We will build an Amortization Table using Google sheets. Here is a template to start with <link>


Buy a Car/Truck/Motorcycle project assigned. See Canvas

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