Monday – Tuesday

Buy a car project. This is detailed in Canvas. I’ll be here to help direct you.

Wednesday – Friday

I am not in school. You’ll need to have the buy a car project completed for Friday. You are going to submit the share link in Canvas > Modules> Week 10> Bar a Car (Turn it in)

Email me if you have any questions.

You also have to watch this hour long video about credit cards. You will need to answer the question sheet <Link>, just to keep yourself focused. A paper copy is in your mail box if you would rather answer on paper. If I have a substitute, one of you can use the Chromecast  and cast it to the Smartboard projector and you can watch it together.

The Card Game

If you have all of this completed, do you have anything marked as missing in Infinite Campus Qtr 4? Get it done. Parent Conferences next week Wednesday April 6th.

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