Many of you are missing work. After Wednesday I am going to enter missing work into IC. Progress reports are pulled this morning. So if you do not have thi work completed by the end of class on Wednesday, your grade could plummet.

Auto Insurance Scenarios

Graded Work: Creating your own set of automobile questions word problems.

You need to submit 5 scenarios + answers. Each scenario needs to use two different kinds of insurance. Here are a couple of examples, one that was great and one that was lacking. Auto Insurance Scenarios

This work is all due on Monday 4/18. You will not have Monday 4/18 to work on it.

I would create this in a google doc, and then copy paste into the form <example>

Here is the < link > to the Google Form. You need to copy and paste each scenario and answer response .

Car Insurance Study Stack
Then you will use this study stack to show me you understand these terms. <link> Take the test to demonstrate your mastery (90% level). Do a screen capture and turn it in here <Canvas Link> Remember you’ll need to sign in using Google.

Health Insurance Study Stack

Learning Target: We will gain familiarity with health insurance terminology

Go to this link:

Show me the grade of 90+

How Much does it cost to fix you.

Find one that you claim. I need the cost and link and your name next to your entry

Period 2:

Submit what you find here <link>

Period 5

Submit what you find here <link>

Seniors have the AP Lit exam on Wednesday


Learning Target: We will be able to understand what is included in an Advanced Health Care Directive and complete one. <link>


Planning and Paying for your Funeral

Why Life Insurance? <link >

My Plan your funeral example presentation <link >

Plan your funeral:

You need to make an 8 slide (minimum) presentation.

We will presentĀ  if you desire, during the week of June 14

This link might help <link > this one also <link>

Costs by StateĀ <link>

Something to do if you are bored: