No School


Learning Target: I can find the five-number summary and draw a boxplot, by hand for data.

In class work.



Same learning target as yesterday

Create a glossary to use for the year.

Graded work: HO Due at end of class

No HW if you are finished.



Learning Targets: I can create a dot plot, a histogram and a boxplot for a set of data.

Some practice with this.

Graded work: HO and poster display

You will need a charged Chromebook and the materials I provide in the classroom.


Warm up: Find means and median

You need a copy of this spreadsheet <link>

This is the webpage <link>

On this jamboard, <link>Paste your graphs with the mean and median and tell the shape based on the the relative position of the mean and the medain along with the graph.

Exit ticket : Habits of Learning Worksheet