Learning target: I can use a spreadsheet to sort data and to find the mean and the median of a data set.

We’ll use that same Starbucks Spreadsheet. You should be able to find it in your Google Drive or you can just grab another copy

<link>. You can find this in Google classroom also

Graded: your copy of the spreadsheet with the calculations for your chosen calculation.

Learning target: I can explain how the relative positions of the median and the mean can help to analyze the shape of a distribution.

This is the webpage <link>

Graded: On this jamboard, <link>Paste your graphs with the mean and median and tell the shape based on the the relative position of the mean and the median along with the graph.


Summary assessments
Here is a practice Exam with answers Algebra 1 Unit 1 Practice Test_20220913_0001

Your choice:

Prepare for a test on unit. Test on Friday


Start your tri-fold brochure. I’ll provide directions and an example in class.


Star Math testing. I’ll right in a 50 point formative grade if you take it seriously and put in some effort.


Study for test or working on your trifold brochure


I decided that you need more practice. I’ll hand out practice test 3. You will want this data for Q 6 and 7. <link>