I’m not in school

Complete either

The online MyOpenMath>Algebra 1 Work>Algebra 1 Slope Intercept Form (50 Summative points) I recorded a how to video for each exercise.

The paper review my Substitute will handout (25 Formative points) The answers on on the last page.

You may do both if you desire.

In either case, I want to see work on paper.

If you need something else to do, There is a double sided Pizzazz sheet you can complete.


Questions from yesterday’s work?

If not we’ll complete a Kahoot Review¬† to prepare for a quiz that I am hoping we can complete on Wednesday.

I also have a paper practice quiz available. The quiz on Wednesday will look just like it.


Quiz on Linear functions / Slopes/writing the equation of a line in slope intercept form.

I’ll also assign a writing assignment (RAFT) that will be due Wednesday 12/7. More to follow.


Learning Target: I can use desmos to graph systems of equations and find the solution.

Learning Target: By hand, I can solve a systems of two linear equations by graphing two lines that are in slope intercept form.



Learning Target: I can solve a system of equations when given the value of one variable

HO for Notebook