I’m not in school today.

Finish creating your scoop sheet

Get someone to verify your work and have that person sign off on it at the top of the front page. Make sure your name, as the creator is also there. Remember that if you both are correct and there are no errors, you earn 25 SUMMATIVE points. If there is an error that you both miss, you both only earn 1/2 credit.

Turn it in

If you have that completed and need something to do, complete the dbl-sided pizzazz.

If you have the scoop sheet all set (we had an email exchange last week), get the cards completed.


Back to straight geometry

Learning Target: I can work with angles in a triangle: Angle sum, remote interior and exterior angles



If I have your scoop sheets back to you, get the cards created


Learning Target: I can explain and apply the Isosceles Triangle conjecture

Learning target: I can explain and apply the Triangle Inequality conjecture.

HW: Scoop sheet cards

Thursday (Updated 12/1)

Review and practice.  HO

HW: Scoop sheet cards


Intro to Triangle Congruence postulates

We’ll also watch this together

HW Scoop Sheet and cards