All missing/make up work/re – quizzes are due by Thursday 1/12 @2:30 pm


Finishing your unit origami bowtie box

Complete a Habits of Learning rubric


We’ll complete the January StarMath assessment. A good effort, work shown for most questions you did not rush through it, earns a 50 points Habit of of learning grade.


Learning Target: I can classify quadrilaterals using characteristics

Jigsaw activity

Graded work: Create a set of notes, with diagrams, of your assigned quadrilateral. Make the notse so they can be printed on a page of paper that is 5″ by 7″


Learning Target: I can can decide if two lines are either parallel or perpendicular by examining their slopes.

Learning Target: I can write the equations of parallel and perpendicular lines (in point slope form



Warm  up on yesterday’s work

Learning Target: I can use the distance formula and the midpoint formula to confirm what kind of quadrilateral is present.


HW: This work if you are not finished.