Practice with last week’s learning Targets


Based on Monday’s work, most of you expressed a desire to break this work up into pieces.

Today we will focus on Multiply terms with like bases. (Add the exponents)

I have a 10 question review worksheet with answers

If this goes well, Point your browser to

Create an account. You’ll need the course key on the WhiteBoard in the back of the room.

You’ll see a 10 question assignment: Exponents:Multiplying Like BasesAlgebra 1: Proficency

You need to earn at least a 90% to pass. You’ll be given new versions of anything you get wrong until you hit that completion rate. Due by Friday.

If you are not ready for this, get some more practice with this practice (See Google Classroom). This is Optional if you do not need the practice.

Wednesday – Friday. I am going to wait and see how today goes before I make plans for the rest of the week.