In Canvas, get that MOM Trig Review assignment done. Make sure to write some work down so you can use it on the live quiz.

If you desire, for 5 bonus points on the live quiz. In Google Classroom, complete the Trig Review QUIZZIZ. Again write some work down for anything that gives you difficulties. This has questions about Pythagorean Triples, 45-45 Rt and 30-60-RT triangles and a bunch of trig questions.

When you are ready, take the live quiz in Canvas. You’ll need to get me some work for the non-multiple choice questions. I’ll have this ready for Wednesday class. (if not before) it will be due by Tuesday afternoon 3/21. You will not have classtime for it after Monday 3/20

Starting next Monday (3/20) we are going to do some algebra learning/review for a bit just so you are ready for Algebra 2 next year.