Week 21 ending 1/24 (Start of Semester 2)

Start of Semester 2 Monday: No School for you Tuesday In Class: Learning target: We will be able to draw angles of rotation, identify: the quadrant the terminal ray is in, reference angles and reference triangles and find coterminal angles. Notebook packet page 1 My answers <link> HW: This notebook page Wednesday In Class Learning […]

Desmos Name Graphs

Your grade will be determined by: You used no more than 25% linear functions You used at least 4 other transformed toolkit functions. You providing me with a link to your work by November 26th using this <link> Here is my name <link> and Amelia’s <link> Fall 2018 https://www.desmos.com/calculator/9bcc4675ii   Fall 2017: Here are the […]