Fall 2020 Courses

I have decided that instead of posting work here and in Canvas/Classroom, I’ll just post the work in Canvas /Classroom.

Parents./guardians: If you want access to Canvas/classroom so you can track your student’s progress, send me an email that contains the email address you want to use.

Some quick links

Live online help appointment calendar <link> Use this if you want some live help during our COVID19 remote learning days.

Canvas LMS


If you’re a CCV student, I don’t post much here for you. That mostly happens out at http://learn.vsc.edu  If you need to email me outside of Canvas link

If you are a VTVLC Student, you are welcome to use the resources I have available here. You can link to the SIS to gain access to the course.

Si vous recherchez Dan Lemay, le musicien de Montréal<link>


Resources by course:

Precalculus <link>

Statistics <link>