Week 7 ending 10-12

Monday: No School


In Class

Learning Target: I can create a probability distribution and find an expected value.

Scratch Ticket example

Practice problems from OpenStax Chapter 4

No HW if you are OK with what we did today.


Learning Target:

  1. I can apply  expected values.
  2. I can recognize a Bernoulli experiment.
  • Some practice with warranties
  • Working with Binomial distributions.


Statistics Week 3 ending 9/14


Work day

You need to complete the following by the end of class on Wednesday

Learning Target: I can identify different types of Observational Studies and understand good experimental design.

Go through peoples’ posts in the Find A Study forum and sort them into Observational Studies (Retrospective or Prospective) or Experiments. (You already made this post, correct?)


The Olive Garden work from last week: HO <link> Here is a <link> to everyone’s collected data.  I also have this linked in the Olive Garden HO

HW for Thursday:

Collect a Systematic sample of 30 members of Class of 2019. Record: The preferred gender identity and how many pairs of shoes they own.


College/Work Fair down in RBCTV. Check in with me down there.

  • Talk to one representative about a job that you could be interested in that requires very little college. Get a signature
  • Talk to one College Representative about a specific major you might be interested in. Get a signature

See the HO  gave you om Monday or this copy <link>


Final workday to finish things up.

If you are ready, sign into Moodle and that the Quiz. Here is a practice quiz if you need it <link>


Quiz in Moodle. Due Monday by classtime


Learning target:  I can recognize/describe and calculate measures of center: Mean Median and Mode and use these values to identify the shape of the distribution.

Working with our collected shoe data

Data <link>


Suggested, but not graded: p 134-138: 42 – 63



Learning target:   I can recognize/describe and calculate  a standard deviation by hand and using a spreadsheet and a graphing calculator.

Working with our collected shoe data