Week 6 ending 10/3

Monday In class: We will complete the StarMath assessment as required by the Curriculum Coordinator for OESU Tuesday – Thursday Keep working on your web site. You need to add one advanced feature from the list on the board. Friday: No School for you  

Week 2 ending 9/6

On Tuesday, let’s record what lessons you have completed What you expect to get completed On Friday we will decide on a grade for the week’s work.

Math:Web Design Week 1 ending 1/20

  Monday/Tuesday No School for you Wednesday What is web design? Goals: Sign up at Code Academy <link> Try the first lesson in the Introduction to HTML course HW: Get the Course Expectations HO Signed by a parent/guardian. Due Tuesday 9/3 Take/create photos/images of something you are interested in that you may want to create […]

Summer Time and the Living is easy

Go outside and swim. If you are bored, go check this out <link> If you are really bored but feel creative, make your own Dickie Goodman style news report and share it back with me.