Building your own web sites

You should have received an email to your Oxbow account with the URL and login for your web sites. Remember these are yours until September 1 2017. After that they disappear.

To help you out in case you did not bookmark the cpanel log in page for your site I have them linked on this private google doc page here (only class members can access it) <link>

In case you need a video reminder <link>

Some templates:

A blank HTML file : <link>

Web Design Links

Here are some recent links I sent you:

The Fake News Article from Wired

The Google doc for the conversation about the article

The Spreadsheet to document what you have been working on in class

You DO have to be logged into your Oxbow Google account to view the Google docs

Go checkout what others have done with CSS designing skills <link>

Here is a page with some initial ideas about the requirements for your website. I am open to an encourage suggestions <link>

Math:Web Design Week 1 ending 1/20


Monday No School for you
Tuesday What is web design?


  • Sign up at Code Academy
  • Get a Text Editor
  • Try the first lesson


  • Get the Course Expectations HO Signed by a parent/guardian. Due Tuesday 1/24
  • Take/create photos/images of something you are interested in that you may want to create a webpage about.
  • If you are going to use images that are already online, they comply with Creative Commons Licensing <link>
  • Types of files
  • Folder management
  • Working on Codecademy Lessons


  • Find those images
  • Working through CodeAcademy up to Lesson 15
  • Once you finish Lesson 15, you will complete your first web page
  • That is when you need those images.
  • See Thursday