In Class

See these Examples <link>

Choose a College/University and a major

Find out if the major at that school requires any math courses.

Also see if there are General Education Requirements that student need to satisfy.

Create a Google document for this information, but do not share it with me. I’ll show you how to “turn it in” tomorrow.


This work will be due by next Tuesday

Get the Course Expectations signed.


Learning Target: I can make a post in a Canvas Discussion Forum

Get Logged into Canvas and Join the course

Submit yesterday’s work if you are completed.

Learning Target: I am hoping this is review: I can factor quadratic polynomials.

HO (Skill Master 6 Form A)

What to do if you are lost when you are learning math this year? This is not for quizzes / tests/ exams



This HO if you are not finished

Submitting the College Math Assignment

Course Exceptions Signature.



Learning Target: I can add / subtract/ multiply and divide numeric fractions (without a calculator of course)

White board work

If this is easy, we’ll move it to algebraic fractions


See yesterday


Learning Target: I can perform arithmetic operations on algebraic fractions.

Whiteboard/Paper work

Graded: Either continue with paper exercises, or if you have it, complete the Canvas>Week 1>MOM Algebraic Fractions


This week’s work


Work day.

Get this week’s work done.