1. Canvas>Week 1> MOM Types of Variables (25 points formative)
  2. You need to create some data. For this week, I want you to create a google spreadsheet  In your spreadsheet, create the following data. You can make this up off the top of your head, find lists online, collect data from individuals.You need:30 individuals or subjects. Why a sample of size of 30? Hold that thought…….The data you need is
    1. a Qualitative (categorical) variable that is “nominal” (a name or identifier)
    2. a Qualitative (categorical) that is “ordinal” (can be counted).
    3. a Quantitative,  Discrete variable
    4. a Quantitative,  Continuous variable
    Copy the Share link (anyone with link can view) and submit the URL in Canvas>Week 1 ending 9/2>Your collected day. Due by Friday. 9/2. I’ll allow the rest of today to work on this.
    Here is my google sheet example <link>


Graded. We will look at my work as an example

Canvas Discussion forum Post  (50 points Summative) due by Friday 9/2


Learning Target: I can conduct a SRS, A Stratified SRS, A Systematic and a Cluster sample.

We’ll watch and against all odds video to see actual examples

You’ll take notes for each of the 4 types

Graded work: You will show us how to conduct each kind of sample using your collect data.

You can either do this in person or create a Discussion forum post


A couple of catch up days. Get this week’s work completed.

MOM Types of Variables

Your Collected data (30 individuals)

The four kinds of samples.

If you get this all finished and want to get a leg up on next week, start  Canvas> Week 3>Complete the MOM Chapter 1 Work. We need to look at a little bit more material but you can get started on it.

HW: Anything not completed from last week. This work if you desire