Monday No School



  1. You need to create some data. For this week, I want you to create a google spreadsheet  In your spreadsheet, create the following data. You can make this up off the top of your head, find lists online, collect data from individuals. You need:30 individuals or subjects. Why a sample of size of 30? Hold that thought…….The data you need is
    1. a Qualitative (categorical) variable that is “nominal” (a name or identifier)
    2. a Qualitative (categorical) that is “ordinal” (can be counted).
    3. a Quantitative,  Discrete variable
    4. a Quantitative,  Continuous variable
    Copy the Share link (anyone with link can view) and submit the URL in Canvas>Week 2 ending 9/8>Your collected data. Due by Friday. 9/8. I’ll allow the rest of today to work on this.
    Here is my google sheet example <link>


Graded. We will look at my work as an example

Canvas Discussion forum Post  (50 points Summative) due by Friday 9/8


Work day to get these two assignments completed.


Learning Target: I can conduct a SRS, A Stratified SRS, A Systematic and a Cluster sample.

We’ll watch an Against all Odds video to see actual examples

You’ll take notes for each of the 4 types

Graded work: You will show us how to conduct each kind of sample using your collect data.

You can either do this in person or create a Discussion forum post