Monday 8/28

In Class:

  • Grading/etc
  • Resources
  • Two Questions that Calculus can help us answer <link>
  • Calculus viewpoint vs Algebra Viewpoint


If you desire, watching these videos and taking notes may help.

  • Watch the following videos

Mr Leckie Sec 2.1 videos

Tuesday 8/29

In Class

  • Warm-up Factoring, Graphing Piece-wise Defined functions.
  • Learning Intention: You will understand how to find limits graphically.
  • FDWK


  • Finish watching the videos and take notes (optional)
  • Start Chapter HW Section 2.1 (Optional for tonight)

Sec 2.1:  3–36 multiples of 3, 38, 47, 50-58, 61, 64

  • Make sure you know how to find the values for the six trig ratios given a point on a circle and make sure you know how to graph a piece wise defined function consisting of lines, parabolas and an absolute value function. If you need some help check out the course web site. Practice FFF The FFF 0 Key

Wednesday 8/30

In Class:

We can find limits algebraically.


Working on FDWK

Thursday 8/31

In class: I can find limits out at infinity

Some examples.

HW : Take the weekend off.

Tuesday 9/5

Learning targets:

I can find an average rate of change (a slope)

I can find an instaneous rate of change using limits (finding a slope at a single point


  • Working on FDWK Section 2.1 I’ll suggest some.

Wednesday 9/6

In Class:

  • Work day: Finishing up Section 2.1 Evaluating Limits


  • Working on FDWK Section 2.1

Thursday 9/7

In Class:

Work day and Practice Quiz


Get ready for the quiz

Friday 9/8
In Class:

Twenty minutes

Quiz on Section 2.1

Finding limits



out at infinity

and finding average and instantaneous rates of change.

No hw.