Finishing out the course

Learning target: I can talk about how a confidence interval is used to estimate an unknown parameter. Here is the link to the video and to the questions you need to answer Next week, you’ll need to find a confidence interval “in the wild” so as you watch/listen to the news this week, […]

COL Week 5 ending 5/22

Learning Target: I can describe how sampling distributions behave. Watch this set of videos (36 minutes) <link> You need to complete the questions that follow each video. Your email address gets collected. I’ll pull a completion grade into IC this next weekend.

COL Week 4 ending 5/15

You have two videos to watch along with about 11 MyOpenMath exercises to complete. Here is a video about what to do:    

COL Week 2 4-27 to 5-1

I have this next week’s work available in Canvas. If you did not get the COL Week 1 work completed, get that done. It does not have to be completed first. This is all happening in Canvas. Here is a video about what to do this week

COL Week 1: 4/13 to 4/17

You have two assignments to complete this week. See Canvas. These grades are part of Qtr 4 Here is a video Walk Through

Week 8 Revised

Monday Late start/No class Tuesday In class I’d like you to work on this: Complete this project Data Collection Project 1 If you are in class, I’ll give you a paper copy. You can always send me emailed questions. You can also get live online help using ZOOM (Go visit  one time just make […]

Week 7 ending 3/13

Monday In Class We will finish up the Canvas>Modules>MOM Outliers assignment HW Any missing work? Tuesday Learning target: I can identify convenience samples, voluntary response samples, random samples, stratified random samples and cluster samples. We’ll watch this Census and Sampling And maybe this one: Sample and Surveys then get some practice. Wednesday In class More […]

Week 6 ending 3/6

Monday Some practice. Let’s choose some data sets. <link> You’ll need to make a copy. Make a graph Decide on the shape Find the five number summary/IQR and the mean/std dev. Decide on which is the most appropriate measure of center and spread.   Some graded  Review and Practice out at KA <link>   Tuesday: […]

Week 5 ending 2/28

Monday / Tuesday Learning target: We will be able to find the mean and the standard deviation for a set of data by hand and using a spreadsheet (using the built in formulas). HO/Practice problems Wednesday/ Thursday In Canvas, complete the MOM practice problem sets. Find the mean and the std dev for one of […]

Week 4 ending 2/14

Monday Learning Target: I can find a five number summary and use the IQR to check for outliers. Handout from Last Tuesday Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday In Canvas, complete the MOM practice problem set. Find the five number summary for one of your Quantitative Continuous variables. Do this by hand, on paper. Take a photo of your work […]